Patient rights in Turkey

Benefiting from services broadly

Benefiting from activities intended to encourage healthy life and from protective healthcare services in line with fair and equitable principles,

Having access to services with equity

Having access to services without any discrimination in race, language, religion and ethnicity, sex, political view, philosophical belief, economic and social status,


Learning every kind of service and option

Choosing and changing institution

Choosing and changing health institutions and benefiting from healthcare services provided by health institution,

Knowing, choosing and replacing professionals

Learning names, IDs and titles of doctors and other healthcare professionals who render healthcare services, choosing and replacing them

 Requesting Information

Requesting any kind of information about state of health verbally or in writing,


Having access to healthcare service of any nature in an environment which is in line with privacy,

Consent and permission

Getting a patient's consent and having a patient benefit from services pursuant to his/her consent,

Rejection and cessation

Rejecting treatment and requesting cessation of treatment,


Getting healthcare service in a secure environment,

Fulfilling religious duties

Fulfilling religious duties within own facility and in line with measures determined by the administration,


Having access to healthcare services with respect, care and attention in a debonair, polite, caring way,


Having access to healthcare services in an environment with all necessary hygienic conditions, without any noise and any disturbance,


Accepting visitors in line with procedures and principles established by institutions,

Right for a companion

Requesting to have a companion within the bounds of possibility for the regulation, health facilities and institutions and under conditions that a doctor grants a consent,

Right for appealing, complaining and suing

Enjoying all kinds of rights for appealing, complaining and suing pursuant to any regulation if a patient's rights are violated,

Continuous service

Benefiting from healthcare services as long as it takes.


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