Mireille Mbourou-John
We had a good stay in your country. We were well received by all of your partners and the support was carried out well. We enjoyed the whole process from the airport until we returned. We thank you and will not fail to share it with those around us. Thanks again. I wish you good luck...
Marie-Danielle Kacou
Impeccable service, prompt assistance including personal needs. I recommend your services to all patients. You offer services of outstanding quality and above all very close to the patients. Congratulations to everyone working with you.
Elisha & Marie-Danielle Kacou
Impeccable, outstanding service. Prompt assistance. And especially the approach they have with patients which is just... wow...
Njock Priscille
The services have been excellent. Prompt assistance including for personal needs. The coordination was excellent.
Baboussa Lydie
Everything was excellent overall. We greatly admire your professionalism and your attention to your sense of details in your organization. From start to finish we were looked after by your team and answered all of our questions. Everything was up to our expectations. Thank you for your kindness and once again we salute your organization. Bravo and see you at our next trip.
Julien Ngue
I was led in a very professional manner the entire process. The availability, the reactivity, the intelligence is the key. I will not hesitate to do business with the organization again.
Jonas Kemajou
Flexible, discreet and efficient services adapted to patients who want to use Turkish medicine. I recommend your services to patients who want to benefit from good quality care and the great Turkish hospital potential.
Nzoda Donatien
My stay in Istanbul was very satisfying. I appreciated the hospitality of the Turkish people from the airport to the hotel passing by the hospital where the doctors and the interpreter did an impeccable job. I am thinking especially of the assumption of responsibility for the transport of the hospital by a driver from the airport to the hotel and the return. I will not forget the strong organization driven by Mr. Atalay. Thank you very much.
Ahoua Diarrassouba
I was very delighted during my stay in Turkey. Thank you for the special attention I received. Congratulations to all the available staff, courteous, but above all professional. I will definitely not hesitate for the next stay. Thank you for everything.
Louise Ndo
In Turkey where I went to take care, everything is impeccable. As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed at the airport, they transported me to my hotel, well received and installed. Immediately, a car transported me to the hospital to start treatment with a translator during my entire stay. 24 hour non-stop service available. I came back very satisfied. This is why I recommend it to everyone in need.
Mansoura Barkindo
It was a great experience going for my medical check up in Turkey. From the organisation all the way to the accommodation and medical care everything was well taken care of. I was able to mix tourism and take care of my health. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. It’s worth it.
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