A Votre Santé in Kenya

Even though we live in a virtual world, we still believe that the best way of introducing yourself to others is to visit them in person. It is always good to have eye contact with them, hear their real voice and shake their hands. That’s why we took a flight and went to Nairobi in January.

A Votre Santé works in close cooperation with Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF), the major actor in Kenyan private healthcare sector with its +75 members ranging from hospitals, clinics and suppliers to insurance companies, and attended the bi-monthly members’ meeting together with Güven Hospital on January 26, 2017 at Pride Inn Hotel, Nairobi.

Dr. Amit Thakker, President of KHF, opened the meeting and kindly introduced Aygen Yenigün, Founder and CEO of A Votre Santé. After Ms. Yenigün’s presentation on the services of A Votre Santé which also included some striking information and data on the Turkish healthcare system, Dr. Genco Çetinkanat, Director of International Relations Department at Ankara Güven Hospital introduced the hospital and treatments available in detail.

Our meeting has been privileged by our honor guests who did not leave us alone at our first event in Kenya. Her Excellency Deniz Eke (Turkish Ambassador to Kenya) and His Excellency Kiema Kilonzo (Kenyan Ambassador to Turkey) and two valued ambassadors gave flattering speeches both on A Votre Santé and Güven Hospital and expressed their support in medical tourism between Kenya and Turkey. Turkish Airlines’ Nairobi office was also represented by Mr. Mehmet Asik. The meeting was very well-attended and the interest of the attendees was encouraging.

As mentioned earlier, no matter how computerized the world becomes, it is always nicer to talk face to face and touch other’s sight, perspective and opinions while literally standing in front of them. A Votre Santé left Kenya with very nice memories and valuable contacts. We will be back very soon...

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